GrayReports: Demand for Education Results for March

Join us for our Webinar on Friday April 25 from 1-1:45 p.m, where we will be discussing March’s student inquiry results. For a deeper dive into February results, see our webinar.



New Campus Location Analysis: The Gray Geo Scan

TOP US Market MapLocating a new campus is becoming increasingly difficult:  budgets are tight,  markets are saturated, regulations are stricter, and jobs for graduates are getting harder to come by.  Gray’s expert insight combines the power of GrayData to provide your team with the critical guidance you need to navigate over 930 markets in the US, enabling you to find cities with the strongest student demand, most favorable competitive landscape, and the best job markets for placing your students.

Download our Geographic Market Scan for New Campus Location (PDF) to learn more about Gray’s methodology for selecting new campus locations.