Gray's Program Evaluation System (PES)

Academic Program Evaluation System VideoUsing our cutting-edge Program Evaluation System (PES), we can help you select the BEST programs to Start, Stop, Sustain, or Grow online and at each of your campuses.

PES combines our unique data sets with a methodology that we have developed during a decade of work with higher education institutions.  It allows you to assess student demand, employment, competition and strategic fit by program.  You can then create a custom scoring system to evaluate all of your current and potential programs.

Using this custom program evaluation you can: 

  • Increase near-term enrollment:  Invest in current programs that have high growth potential
  • Reduce cost:  Cut unsuccessful programs
  • Drive growth:  Add the right current programs to more campuses
  • Sustain long-term growth:  Launch successful new programs 
  • Drive better student outcomes:  Focus on programs with good wages and employer demand
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Optimize Price at Your Institution

An Approach to Increase Growth and Cash Flow

In the intensely competitive higher education market, price can affect not just starts and revenue per student, but also student acquisition costs, retention, regulatory risks, and other critical factors.

    • What is the right tuition level to optimize enrollment and financial results?

    • Should you lower tuition or increase scholarships?

    • What price structure makes programs most attractive? 

    • What price communication is most effective?

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Start, Stop, Sustain or Grow? 

A Methodology for Program Portfolio Evaluation

Gray provides comprehensive, insightful information and a collaborative process to help institutional leadership decide which programs to Start, Stop, Sustain, or Grow.  We enable you to evaluate over 1,400 programs nationwide and at each of your campus locations.  This evaluation uses more than 30 criteria grouped in four categories:  student demand, competitive intensity, employment opportunities, and strategic fit.

We combine the data and scoring with a workshop that allows your senior team to absorb the data and apply their judgement to redesign the program portfolio.

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2018 January GrayReports - Student and Employer Demand Trends in Higher Education