Higher-Education Demand Trends November: Results Through October

Posted by Ned Caron on Dec 18, 2020 9:53:18 AM

Leading post-secondary institutions rely on the GrayReports Webinar for current data on student demand and employer requirement trends.  Every month, we release the latest data on a free GrayReports Webinar.  Gray covers on-campus and online programs ranging from undergraduate certificates to doctoral degrees.  Gray's data includes, by academic program and location, student inquiries, Google search volumes, and job postings.  If you miss the Webinar, please feel free to download the presentation or watch the replay.  To whet your appetite, below are highlights from the November Webinar going over results from October:

Demand trends in October appear weaker on the whole than the preceding three monthsCOVID continues to hurt demand in several sectors:

  • Overall inquiry volume: -17%
  • Google brand searches: -6%

But some areas continue to grow:

  • Inquiry growth was fastest for Health Professions, Accounting Tech, and Computer Systems Networking.
  • Inquiry unit growth was highest for Medical Insurance Coder, Graphic Design, and Accounting Tech.
  • Google search growth was fastest in Fashion Merchandising, Physical Sciences, and Geology.
  • Google search unit growth was highest for Business and Nursing.

The cost to acquire students is rising: inquiry prices are up +16%

Computer Science has strong demand and excellent employment opportunities.

As always, good market data enables better decisions.
Better program and course decisions increase margins.
Higher margins ensure viability and enable investments in your mission.

You can watch the video below.

If you would like to download a copy of the presentation, you can find it here

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