Inquiries for Higher Education Programs Rise.  Again!

Posted by Bob Atkins on Jan 17, 2019 5:57:23 PM

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There are signs that the long decline in college enrollment is coming to an end.  A growing economy, concerns about student debt, and a declining number of high-school graduates drove down demand for higher education during the last five years.  However, for the second month in a row, the number of student inquiries for higher education programs rose year-over-year, increasing 7% in November 2018.

This demand is not evenly distributed.  Some programs are growing, some are not.  Online and on-ground demand also varies.  And demand varies significantly from market to market in the U.S.  To help higher education institutions make smart program choices in this complex environment, Gray has developed a Program Evaluation System that provides local data, by program, on Student Demand, Employment, and Competition.

2018 12 17 v1 EGA November GrayReports Webinar (1)

Insights and trends for Student Inquiries are provided in the November 2018 - Demand For Higher Education Programs Report.  Notably, indicators that will impact Marketing Budgets:

  • Increasing costs in average price for Pay-Per-Inquiry
  • Inquiry conversions decreasing

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