GrayReports July Webcast: Student and Employer Demand Trends Results Through June

Posted by Bob Atkins on Jul 30, 2019 10:11:07 AM

Leading post-secondary education institutions rely on GrayReports Webcasts for current data on trends in student demand and employer requirements.  GrayReports covers on-campus, online, and hybrid programs ranging from undergraduate certificates to doctoral degrees.  GrayReports data includes student inquiries, Google search volumes, and job postings by program and location.

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2019 Masterclass Series - Understanding Student Demand

Posted by Jeff Chin on Feb 25, 2019 1:42:10 PM

First, what's the problem here?  What's the challenge that you all face?  Second, we'll give you a simple framework that you can use to understand the data that you have to collect on programs in order to do a good evaluation. We'll walk through each of those data sources and talk about what their uses are, and their limitations, so you understand how to, if you will, use the data safely. But to do that, you have to decide what data you're pulling, so we'll talk about how you define your market, then finally we'll share an integrated approach that pulls all of that together.

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