Mark Keleher

Mark leads Gray's new business development and marketing initiatives. Mark has been working in the education industry for nearly 10 years. Previously, he worked with College Athletic Departments, selling a software solution. He nurtured a successful organizational shift from the individual coach as customer, to an entire athletic department as the customer, which led to the successful sale of the company. With Gray, he is focused on building and developing client partnerships by working to define, communicate, and deliver solutions that create lasting value far beyond the scope of an individual project or subscription. Mark earned a Bachelor's degree from Indiana University's Kelley School of Business with a double major in Computer Information Systems and Management.

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A Case Study:  Using Data to Guide Program Decisions

Posted by Mark Keleher on Aug 3, 2018 2:00:00 PM

Gray Associates had the opportunity to help evaluate the academic program portfolio at a major public university.  The university needed to assess their current program portfolio and evaluate potential new programs.  Explained the Assistant Provost, “the way things are right now nationally, everybody’s rethinking and trying to adapt to the 21st century.” 

The markets, academic programs, and scoring system in Gray's Program Evaluation System (PES) was customized to align with the mission of this individual university and system in which they operated.  Our team also facilitated an on-site two-day workshop with the institutional leaders to help guide and inform the program selection and assessment process. 

"The way things are right now nationally, everybody’s rethinking and trying to adapt to the 21st century."

Assistant Provost
A University in One of the Largest Systems of Public Higher Education

Data is the Linchpin

When initially considering the project, this university intended to use mostly internal program data, such as credit hours produced and costs, with the addition of a few statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).  A colleague at the university, however, had recently seen a presentation by Gray Associates at an industry conference, and after discussions with Gray’s sales team, the university decided to enlist Gray’s help.  According to the Assistant Provost, “Gray offers the perfect opportunity to take our focus beyond just the internal data and really look at the marketability of our programs, which was not part of the initial charge, but I think became the most important focus of the work that we did… and actually, made it a much stronger process than just an internal focus would have done.”

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Reinvesting in the Right Online Academic Programs

Posted by Mark Keleher on Apr 27, 2018 1:15:00 PM

Gray recently had the opportunity to work with the Provost of a private, non-profit college with over 36,000 students enrolled in a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs.  The college's existing portfolio consisted entirely of online programs.  When the college initially conceived the project, it was thinking in terms of identifying new flagship programs, but as they engaged with Gray, they began to think more broadly.  As she explained, “We realized it was more than just looking for a flagship program – we also needed to look at our entire portfolio of programs….  And I thought Gray would allow us to do that.” 

"In Gray, I truly felt like we had a partner we could trust."

Online College Serving more than 36,000 Students

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A More Focused Strategic Plan: Program Portfolio Positioning for the Future

Posted by Mark Keleher on Jul 7, 2017 1:15:00 PM

This spring, the retiring President of a Community College chose Gray to help review the College's program portfolio as part of his final strategic plan.  The College served 4,500 credit and non-credit students in rural Massachusetts.  It had declining enrollment, reduced funding, and a very broad portfolio of academic programs.  "If you put all of these challenges together," explained the President, "rather than trying to fight amongst ourselves, I thought engaging with Gray would be a good idea.  I will tell you, I was never, and am not a fan of consultants.  But there are times, and this was one of them, when you really need an independent review for a number of reasons." 

"Gray helped us focus and also highlighted a number of areas where we have the opportunity to grow."

A Community College President serving 4,500 students

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A Response to Declining Enrollment and Reduced State Support

Posted by Mark Keleher on Jun 16, 2017 3:30:00 PM

"We are a public college, and our bottom line is not profit," described the President of a Community College that serves over 15,000 students.  Nonetheless, he said, "The primary reason our institution engaged with Gray was financial.  When looking at our our budget, declining enrollment, and reduced state support, we identified a need to really right-size what we were spending our money on and the programs we offer."

For the college, Gray combined a workshop with a multi-dimensional view of programs that included:  student demand, employer needs, competition, and fit with the college's strategy.  Gray provided this data for the college's current portfolio of 70 programs and for 1,600 other IPEDs programs.  Gray facilitated a program portfolio strategy workshop for the over 25 members of the senior team, including faculty and administrators.  In the workshop, they identified programs to stop, but also identified current programs to grow and new programs the school could launch.

"We were provided with convincing tools that allowed us to broadly engage our faculty and staff in a constructive project that is helping us better manage our budget and strategically implement new programs."

A Community College President serving 15,000 students

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