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Student Demand
Mary Ann Romans

The Three Data Metrics of Student Demand for College Enrollment

Discover the key to successful academic program management: understanding student demand. Our analysis shows that this is crucial for predicting program success, and we’ll show you the three essential data metrics you need to evaluate it. Learn how to use IPEDS completions, enrollment data, and Google search volume to stay ahead of the curve, capitalize on current trends, and make informed decisions on program development and growth.

Elaine Rowles

2021 Completions: Bachelor’s Program Trends

Get the latest insights on bachelor’s degree program trends in 2021. From the top disciplines to the fastest-growing programs and a breakdown of online completions, you won’t want to miss our latest blog. With data from IPEDS and Gray’s Program Evaluation System (PES), you’ll get a comprehensive overview of the state of bachelor’s degree programs.

Emerging Programs
Elaine Rowles

New and Emerging Programs – Where Are They Now?

Where are they now? Our 2022 emerging academic program predictions included the rise of AI and cannabis programs. Take a look at how successful our predictions were last year and see how to tap into our best picks for 2023. Our team of experts scours the latest trends and breakthroughs to identify new and exciting academic programs with the highest potential for success.

Elaine Rowles

Master’s Programs Continue To Grow

Master’s degree programs are seeing a surge in popularity, with a 3% increase in completions in the US in 2021. Discover the top disciplines driving this demand and the most popular programs among students. Find out how online and on-ground program completions compare and stay ahead of the curve with our comprehensive analysis.

Robert Atkins

Leadership Matters. Now More than Ever.

Explore the challenges facing higher education and discover the keys to successful leadership in this thought-provoking blog by Melissa Morriss-Olson. From truth-telling and truth-seeking to building relationships and taking bold action, learn how the best leaders are navigating the rapidly changing landscape of higher education and making a difference for their institutions and students.

Elaine Rowles

Promising News! 2021 Completions Were Up

Are you ready to dive into the latest trends in higher education? Despite gloomy headlines, our data analysis reveals the surprising growth of the industry, Discover the latest trends in enrollment, costs, budgets, competition, political headwinds, and see how graduate programs are outpacing undergraduate programs.

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