5 Emerging Programs for 2023

Hundreds of participants joined the Gray team on 
Thursday, January 12, 2023, at 2:00 pm ET for our 4th Annual Five Emerging Programs to Watch Webinar.


If you are interested in learning more about the emerging programs we covered, please reach out to us at info@grayassociates.com 

Evaluating the potential of emerging programs is both an art and a science. Gray Associates has combed through multiple authoritative sources to find the emerging academic programs that have the most potential. This webinar series breaks down programs that should be on your radar for 2023 and then guides you through evaluating each one.

What programs will make the list this year? Join us on January 12th to hear Gray’s thoughts on Five Emerging Academic Programs. The webinar will help you answer four critical questions:

  1. What five substantial new program opportunities will emerge in the next decade?
  2. What are the pros and cons of launching an emerging program?
  3. How should you evaluate them?
  4. Are they appropriate for your college or university?


Our 4th Annual Five Emerging Programs to Watch Webinar Has Ended

Our Previous Predictions and Insights

New and Emerging Academic Programs for 2023

Discover the emerging academic programs that could shake up higher education in 2023! From the Creator Economy to Energy Storage, Climate Change Adaptation, and the Science of Well-Being, these innovative emerging programs address cultural shifts, new technologies, and scientific breakthroughs that are shaping the world. Learn how early adoption of emerging programs can positively impact both students and schools, and position them for success in a changing world.

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Smart Plants Offer a Garden Variety of Academic Program Opportunities

Imagine plants that can sense danger, communicate with each other and even act as radio stations. The world of smart plants is here, and it’s not just a fantasy from a Disney movie. Explore the multidisciplinary growth potential for academic programs and careers in the emerging field of smart plants, from phytoremediation to the Internet of Plants and beyond. Take a leaf of faith and discover the exciting possibilities of this fascinating field.

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How Climate Change Could Lead to New Opportunities for Higher Education

Are you prepared for a Jumanji-like world? Rising sea levels, natural disasters, and emerging societal shifts are the new reality. As climate change effects worsen, colleges and universities must launch new programs to prepare skilled graduates for the exploding job market focused on adapting structures, institutions, and society.

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New and Emerging Programs – Where Are They Now?

Where are they now? Our 2022 emerging academic program predictions included the rise of AI and cannabis programs. Take a look at how successful our predictions were last year and see how to tap into our best picks for 2023. Our team of experts scours the latest trends and breakthroughs to identify new and exciting academic programs with the highest potential for success.

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How to Find Academic Opportunity with Emerging Programs

Every year, Gray features five new and emerging academic programs with high potential in our 5 Emerging Programs webinar. Get ready for our upcoming webinar with the following blog and find out why your institution should start the new year by thinking outside of the box and considering all of the possibilities!

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How Higher Education Institutions Are Using Creative AI

We’ve seen an explosion of AI-related courses and programs across higher education, mainly within engineering and computer science departments, but AI isn’t just for “left-brainers.” Artists, musicians, and other “right-brain” aficionados are using AI to enhance the creative process and even generate new creative works. While creative AI still has a long way to go, it’s clear that AI technology will have to be considered in the workforce and in educating students.

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