Join the Gray Team

Gray is interested in adding team members who are passionate about supporting the higher education community through premium software and services that empower data-inspired academic program decisions . If you would like to join our team, please review the available position below.

Position: Analyst (Remote)

The role combines general management consulting, extensive data analysis, and Business Intelligence visualization.  This combination enables the Analyst to understand the questions clients need to answer, develop visualizations to help answer these questions, and watch how clients interact with Gray’s systems and processes.  The Analyst can enhance our current system and create new applications with this knowledge.

Management consulting:

  • Analysts will work directly with a Partner or the CEO to plan and review work, agree on critical findings, and prepare for and conduct client calls.
  • Learn to prepare for, participate in, and facilitate two-day Program Strategy Workshops with university leaders.
  • Help clients use our system and answer questions about the data and technology.
  • Gain experience presenting material in the workshop and facilitate full-group discussions.
  • Conduct custom research on education markets for our clients.
  • Perform ad-hoc research on specific topics as they arise.


Big data and visualization:

  • Analysts learn to geocode records using our mapping software, pull data for relevant geographies, and set up client instances of our system.
  • Analysts provide requests, follow up on them, and receive, clean, and load the data into our systems.
  • Analysts help design and develop new data sets and applications, work with large data sets (too big for Excel), and build visualizations in Qlik.
    • Analysts will go through extensive Qlik training.
  • Analysts will use machine learning tools to deliver predictive analytics to clients.  Gray can provide training on machine learning as needed.

The role provides excellent training in business, market research, analysis, and development of complex Business Intelligence tools.  There will be opportunities to learn from highly-experienced professionals, interact with clients, and do work that will influence the future of colleges and their students.

The Analyst can work from anywhere in the U.S. with a high-speed data connection.  Work from abroad is also possible but must be mainly performed during U.S. working hours.

What makes a successful analyst at Gray?

A successful Analyst at Gray can work in a fast-paced and high-pressure environment. They are willing and able to go the extra step and solve problems as they arise. They are technologically savvy, proficient in Excel and other Microsoft Office applications, and excited about learning cutting-edge software tools. They can work in a start-up-like environment and take the initiative to advance the firm’s clients, work, and capabilities.

About Gray Associates, Inc.

Gray Associates is a fast-growing software, analytics, and strategy consulting firm specializing in higher education. We help trade schools, community colleges, four-year institutions, and large universities develop Program Portfolio Strategies, assess individual programs, optimize pricing, and select campus locations. We continue to develop industry-leading SaaS services that provide colleges with the market, program, financial, and academic performance data they need to evaluate their current and potential programs. Over 100 colleges have adopted gray’s systems.

Interested in applying for this position? Please reach out to Elizabeth@grayassociates.com