Qlik Developer and Data Engineer 

Gray is hiring for multiple positions related to Qlik and data engineering capabilities.  The Qlik Developer and Data Engineer/ETL Expert will be responsible for the scripts and processes required to extract, transform, clean, validate, and move data and metadata, and load this data into Gray Associates’ Qlik data models.  The Developer will learn what Gray wants to accomplish with its data and data sources, to design and develop the best possible ETL process and data structures and achieve Gray’s goals    Learn more here...


This role combines general management consulting, big data analysis, and data visualization. This combination enables the Analyst to understand the questions clients need answered and develop visualizations to help answer these questions.  The Analyst will also gain insight by watching how clients interact with Gray’s systems and processes.  With this knowledge, the Analyst can enhance our current system and develop new applications.  Learn more here

Inside Sale & Customer Success Associate

The Inside Sales and Customer Success Associate role is a full-time position that will support Gray’s sales and customer success teams.  The Associate will call prospective clients, and schedule and attend appointments with a member of the sales team. They will do initial and ongoing training, educate customers on best practices, monitor usage, and track the overall health of customer accounts. Learn more here...



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