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Gray Associates, Inc. is a data analytics, software, and strategy consulting firm focused on higher education. We help colleges and universities develop data-informed academic program strategies that maximize outcomes for students, institutions, and their constituencies.

Our subscription software is exclusively built for evaluating academic program portfolios and for analyzing competitive and employer markets. Beyond our software offerings, we provide strategic research and consulting support to colleges and universities, working together to craft strategies for program selection, campus locations, acquisitions, offerings, and more.

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Gray’s Program Evaluation System (PES +)

A System to Select the Best Programs to Start, Stop, Sustain, or Grow

PES combines Gray’s unique datasets and proven methodology to help you assess student demand, employment, competition, and strategic fit by program. Create custom program evaluation scoring with PES to:

  • Increase near-term enrollment: Invest in high growth potential programs
  • Reduce cost: Cut or consolidate unsuccessful programs
  • Drive growth: Add the right programs to more campuses
  • Sustain long-term growth: Launch successful new programs
  • Drive better student outcomes: Focus on high-wage, high-employer-demand programs are great

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