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The Great Contraction:

Cuts alone will not be enough to turn colleges’ fortunes around

By Lee Gardner 2/15/2021

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Students Online
Public Colleges Are Going After Adult Students Online. Are They Already Too Late?
By Lee Gardner  2/12/2021

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Major Fallout: UVM Scholars Argue That Cuts to the Humanities Would Imperil the University's Mission 

By Chelsea Edgar.  1/27/2021

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Higher ed group ‘deep dive’ looks at jobs, market demand

By Steve Rogers.  11/23/2020

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The New Shape of Work 

Presented by The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Host Scott Carlson

An on demand web discussion 

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The Crisis
The Crisis Curriculum: How the pandemic and racial-justice movement are transforming academic programs.


By Alex Kafka. 9/252020

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Enrollment and financial crises threaten growing list of academic disciplines

by Jon Marcus 5/

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