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Augusta University leaders meet to workshop current and future programs


More than 40 leaders from across Augusta University met for a collaborative workshop to review the university’s program portfolio. The workshop hosted leaders from across the institution’s 10 colleges and schools.

By Paige Fowler 11/22/2021

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Bay Path creates first course on academic program evaluation

Designed for senior administrators, researchers and graduate students, it will help leaders make more informed decisions.

By Chris Burt 7/7/2021

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The Great Contraction:

Cuts alone will not be enough to turn colleges’ fortunes around

By Lee Gardner 2/15/2021

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Students Online
Public Colleges Are Going After Adult Students Online. Are They Already Too Late?
By Lee Gardner  2/12/2021

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Major Fallout: UVM Scholars Argue That Cuts to the Humanities Would Imperil the University's Mission 

By Chelsea Edgar.  1/27/2021

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Higher ed group ‘deep dive’ looks at jobs, market demand

By Steve Rogers.  11/23/2020

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The New Shape of Work 

Presented by The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Host Scott Carlson

An on demand web discussion 

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The Crisis
The Crisis Curriculum: How the pandemic and racial-justice movement are transforming academic programs.


By Alex Kafka. 9/252020

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Enrollment and financial crises threaten growing list of academic disciplines

by Jon Marcus 5/

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Gray Associates Announces Predictive Analytics for Schools to Forecast How Curricular Changes Impact Revenue and Margins Across the Institution

GRAY Associates launched a groundbreaking predictive analytics module that works seamlessly with Gray’s PEP (Program Economics Platform) application. The new module enables schools to accurately forecast how changes to programs will affect the economics of the institution–down to the section level. This is intrinsically important, but highly complex to analyze, so it has rarely been done before GRAY developed this specialized module, which is easy to use, fast, and cost-effective.



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Gray Associates Announces New AI-enabled Solutions to Help Schools and Colleges Geotarget Marketing Spending and Locate New Campuses

Gray’s MAP helps schools make better, faster, data-informed decisions on where to offer each existing and new academic program, online or on-ground.

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Gray Associates Launches Benchmarking for Academic Economics, Comparing Revenue, Cost, and Margin by Course Level and Discipline
Bench Marketing Press Release