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Our executive team was able to drive the emotional aspect of selecting programs off to the side in order to allow the data to drive our decisions....  Most importantly, the data machine (Gray's Program Evaluation System) demonstrated to our executive team the need to draw back on our program portfolio.  We cannot be all things to all people at all of our locations.  We must focus on the programs that are going to be the center of excellence at each of our campus locations."  

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Non-Profit Multi-Campus Institution

“We could have been headed in a different direction without the data Gray provided.  Some of the programs we favored were probably not viable," explains the CMO.  "We had access to all of the normal sources of data (BLS and IPEDS) but how do you put it all together in a meaningful way?" 

"The detail and sophistication that Gray brought to the process of their research was critical to assure that my University was getting the results that we needed – this was not a one-size-fits-all type of market research project."  

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Chief Marketing Officer

Local State University


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"With Gray, we have solidified our program identification process with a methodical approach to identify programs and compare them to one another to determine the best fit.  I use this process at least once a year for each of our campus locations and online....  Gray's Program Evaluation System (PES) was never a limitation to the issues we were trying to solve."  

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VP of Program Development

Multi-Campus College with over 10,000 Students

"What Gray aggregates is both wider and deeper (than other options).  Gray's Program Evaluation System (PES) taps into additional resources that relate to job profiling and down to not just the state or regional level, but down to the zip code level, down to the actual job markets in the cities and towns we are servicing.  This level of detail is extremely helpful when we assess whether to phase out a program or choices we made to add programs.... Balancing the budget does not mean cutting programs, it also means adding programs that could be financially significant."

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A Community College President serving 15,000 students

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