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Adult Learning
Elaine Rowles

Where Have the Adult Students Gone?

Why is adult enrollment in higher education declining? With over 117 million American adults lacking a college degree, the opportunity to tap into this vast population seems promising! We identify the sectors experiencing the most significant declines and showcase successful institutions that have attracted and graduated adult learners through tailored academic programs.

Mary Ann Romans

Sharing the Success of Growth in Higher Education

Uncover untold success stories in higher education! Join Robert Atkins’ podcast, “Grow Grow Grow: Stories of Success in Higher Education.” Explore enrollment growth, student outcomes, and visionary leadership. Gain insights from Melissa Morriss-Olson, George Burnett, and Matthew Crellin on faculty engagement, alternative credentials, and data-informed success. Embrace innovation, change, and the power of data.

Emerging Programs
Mary Ann Romans

New and Emerging Academic Programs for 2023

Discover the emerging academic programs that could shake up higher education in 2023! From the Creator Economy to Energy Storage, Climate Change Adaptation, and the Science of Well-Being, these innovative emerging programs address cultural shifts, new technologies, and scientific breakthroughs that are shaping the world. Learn how early adoption of emerging programs can positively impact both students and schools, and position them for success in a changing world.

Andy Dunn

Notre Dame Football Is Independent. Should It Be?

Should the University of Notre Dame football join a conference? As the landscape of college football continues to shift, many conferences are vying to add the Fighting Irish to their ranks. However, what would be the economic impact of such a move? We took a closer look at the data behind this decision and explored the possible outcomes. From ticket sales to academic programs, learn why athletics are so important to universities and delve into the criteria that Notre Dame would need to consider before joining a conference.

Emerging Program
Elaine Rowles

Campus Creators: How Higher Ed Can Prepare Students for the Creator Economy

Discover how higher education institutions can prepare students for the $100 billion Creator Economy. From college athletes cashing in on the recent NCAA ruling, to companies needing employees with digital and social media marketing skills, the creator economy offers an abundance of opportunities for students. Learn how colleges and universities are expanding their programs to include courses in marketing, videography, editing, and more to help students succeed in this competitive space.

Labor Market Data
Mary Ann Romans

Don’t Be Duped by Misleading Labor Market Data

Don’t let misinformation misguide your academic program decisions! The prevalence of double-counted job postings, outdated data, and anomalies in labor market data are serious problems that could lead you down the wrong path. Don’t be deceived by bad data! Find out how to vet and clean your labor market data to avoid being misled.

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