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Monica Bilson

The Artists Are Not Starving: How Arts Programs Profit Students and Schools

Can arts programs lead to prosperous careers? We dissect recent data that challenges the “starving artist” stereotype. Explore the resilient growth of visual and performing arts enrollments post-pandemic, the diverse paths graduates take, and surprising employment outcomes. Discover why arts education is not just surviving but thriving. 

Kara Kimberl

Women’s Soccer on the Rise

Gray’s Athletics Benchmarking reveals an exciting trend: collegiate sports are on the rise, and women’s soccer is a standout opportunity. Join us to explore key benchmarking data, cost-effectiveness, and the positive impact it has on applications and graduation rates. With a surge in high school girls playing soccer, there’s a ready-made pipeline of potential recruits, making women’s soccer a great place to start expanding your athletic programs. In the spirit of the upcoming Women’s World Cup, let’s celebrate the valuable impact of women’s soccer in attracting students and fostering academic success.

Elaine Rowles

Analyzing Competition at the Program Level

Want to attract new students to your academic programs? Understanding the competitive landscape is crucial. Dive into the power of a Program Evaluation System (PES) and gain valuable insights into your program-level competition. Discover competitors, program sizes, and market trends that drive enrollment growth, and see how Gray’s Program Evaluation System can revolutionize your approach, helping your institution stand out.

Elaine Rowles

How to Use a PES to Find “Hidden” Competitors

Are you aware of the hidden competitors lurking in your institution’s market? Discover the game-changing power of our Program Evaluation System (PES) in identifying and tracking these hidden competitors beyond the limitations of IPEDS data. Gain a comprehensive view of the market, uncover true market saturation, and strategize effectively for your institution’s success. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain a competitive edge.

Elaine Rowles

Analyzing Competition in Your Core Market

Sharpen your skills in strategic competitive analysis for higher education program evaluation and beat your competitors. Develop your understanding of core markets, define your market reach, and proactively monitor key competitors. Leave behind guesswork as you leverage data-informed tactics to optimize growth patterns, enhance brand awareness, and drive positive outcomes.

Adult Learning
Elaine Rowles

Where Have the Adult Students Gone?

Why is adult enrollment in higher education declining? With over 117 million American adults lacking a college degree, the opportunity to tap into this vast population seems promising! We identify the sectors experiencing the most significant declines and showcase successful institutions that have attracted and graduated adult learners through tailored academic programs.

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