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Mary Ann Romans

Associate Enrollment is Declining, But Not Everywhere…

Declining enrollment is an issue facing community colleges across the country. According to data provided by the National Student Clearinghouse, total enrollment in associate programs fell 10% year-over-year. We took a closer look at the enrollment data, both geographically and programmatically, and it turns out, it’s not all bad news.

Elaine Rowles

Bachelor’s Programs: What’s Hot and What’s Not?

While large programs continue to be popular among bachelor’s students, some smaller programs are experiencing healthy gains in the number of students enrolled. We analyzed Spring 2021 to 2022 enrollment data to identify bachelor’s programs with the largest gains in the number of students enrolled and those with the largest declines.

Monica Bilson

Cinematography: A Cinderella Story?

In Spring 2022, three of the 10 bachelor’s programs with the fastest-growing enrollment were in the arts. Cinematography is highlighted as one of the fastest-growing visual and performing arts programs in enrollment for both the bachelor’s and master’s award levels. 

Learn what is happening behind the scenes.

Monica Bilson

The Arts are Performing Well

Spring enrollment for visual and performing arts made a comeback this year, but the recovery and growth for bachelor’s and master’s programs look different. Here are the top ten programs for each.

Elaine Rowles

Do You Know Your Markets for Master’s Programs?

According to the National Student Clearinghouse data, enrollment in master’s programs has grown year-over-year, but on closer examination, the data is a bit more nuanced. Enrollment trends vary across programs, so it is important to look beyond national trends and dig into data specific to your market.

Gray Associates

College Enrollment is Springing Back Up

We’ve got the 2022 Spring enrollment data, and the news is good! But pay attention. Knowing which degree levels and which programs are enrolling students is important.