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Elaine Rowles

Do You Know Your Markets for Master’s Programs?

According to the National Student Clearinghouse data, enrollment in master’s programs has grown year-over-year, but on closer examination, the data is a bit more nuanced. Enrollment trends vary across programs, so it is important to look beyond national trends and dig into data specific to your market.

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College Enrollment is Springing Back Up

We’ve got the 2022 Spring enrollment data, and the news is good! But pay attention. Knowing which degree levels and which programs are enrolling students is important.

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Top 5 Academic Programs with High International Student Demand

Just a year ago, media pundits declared that the US was losing its place as a beacon for international students and that the demand would not recover. Fortunately, they were wrong.
Gray data shows that post-COVID, international student demand is healthy, and new programs offer promising growth.

Mary Ann Romans

Fall Back Careers for Humanities Majors

Humanities majors continue to take a bit of a beating in the press. Nevertheless, we decided to delve deeper into what humanities majors do after they graduate from college. What we found was a little surprising.

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A Case For the Humanities

Many people view liberal arts, humanities, and social science programs, as a one-lane highway to low-paying jobs. We decided to take a look at what people actually earn based on their college majors. What we found may surprise you.

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Game and Interactive Media Design Levels Up

The digital and interactive gaming industry soared in the past decade and it’s currently brighter than ever! Job opportunities continue to grow and new programs in Game and Interactive Media Design are rapidly popping up at institutions. There has never been a better time to get in the game.