GrayReports - Inquiry Trends

What GrayReports gives you:

GrayReports is a subscription service that provides educational leaders with monthly data on industry demand by city and program.  It draws on our extensive, unique database of industry inquiries, which includes:

• 48+ million qualified education industry inquiries
• 200 academic programs with over 10,000+ inquiries
• 700 metro areas with over 10,000+ inquiries

The industry data are pulled into custom reports that show industry trends for the markets in which our clients compete.  Clients can select the types of industry inquiries they want to track:

• By city
• By program
• By online or campus-based courses
• By approximate student age (years since graduation)
• By veteran status
• By inquiry price

Whether you are trying to identify a city in which to place a new campus, or evaluating which program to add to your institution’s existing repertoire, GrayReports has the data to help you achieve success.

Learn the Demand Trends in Your Market?