Grow Grow Grow: Stories of Success in Higher Education

New Podcast on Growth Strategies for Higher Education

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Higher Education is GROWING. Higher Education is succeeding. Students with degrees are being employed faster than ever. Here are the stories behind the success.

Welcome to Grow Grow Grow a podcast that turns the spotlight on the success that is happening in higher education. Our guests are true leaders in higher education and have made a huge impact on their campuses and in the communities they serve.


Episode 1: Overcoming Barriers to Growth

Featuring Melissa Morris-Olsen, former Provost at Bay Path University and Host of IngenioUs podcast
June 1, 2023

In this engaging and informative first episode of Grow Grow Grow, Mellisa Morris-Olsen, former Provost at Bay Path University and Host of IngenioUs podcast, joins host Bob Atkins to discuss her success in developing new academic programs and generating significant tuition revenue. The conversation includes thoughts on:

  • The barriers to growth in higher education, with a particular focus on the cultural factors that hinder change and innovation
  • The resistance to change within accrediting bodies, alumni groups, and faculty, as well as the challenges associated with faculty governance and the tenure system
  • The concept of “the keepers of tradition,” who cling to the past and might hinder growth, with emphasis on the importance of visionary leadership and resilience in the face of tough decision-making
  • Examples of successful growth initiatives that relied on galvanizing faculty and creating conditions for creative thinking
  • Changing your mindset and “not being afraid to rewrite the rule book

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Sharing the Success of Growth in Higher Education

Uncover untold success stories in higher education! Join Robert Atkins’ podcast, “Grow Grow Grow: Stories of Success in Higher Education.” Explore enrollment growth, student outcomes, and visionary leadership. Gain insights from Melissa Morriss-Olson, George Burnett, and Matthew Crellin on faculty engagement, alternative credentials, and data-informed success. Embrace innovation, change, and the power of data.

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