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Program Evaluation System (PES)

Start, Stop, Sustain, or Grow

Gray Associates’ Program Evaluation System (PES) provides data on student demand, employment, and competition for each of your programs and markets. PES allows you to make sense of the markets for your programs using custom scoring rubrics and easy to understand visualizations.

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Gray Data

Provides comprehensive, current data on student demand, jobs, and competition by census tract:
  • Over 55 million qualified inquiries
  • Google search volumes for the largest 200 programs
  • All Title IV completions, geo-enhanced
  • BLS jobs, wages, and employment projections
  • Current Job Postings from Burning Glass Technologies

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Custom Scoring

  • Student inquiry volume and growth
  • Jobs, job growth, and wages
  • Competitors’ size and growth by program
  • Degree level
  • Market saturation
  • Ranks and reports on every IPEDS program in your markets
  • Identifies programs to “Start, Stop, Sustain, or Grow”
  • Scores every program in each of your markets
  • Highlights where to Start, Stop or Grow programs
  • Identifies new markets that are a good fit for your programs
  • Gives easy access to a rich array of market data

Scores by Program and Campus



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