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Acquisition Support

Make Smart Acquisition Decisions

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Using GrayData, we have developed tools to help clients screen and prioritize hundreds of potential acquisition targets. These screens include target company growth, outcomes, competition, and market health. They enable our clients to focus their acquisition resources on companies that have strong business potential, and reach out to them before they engage in a formal bidding process.

Acquisition Candidate Evaluation

In a few days, Gray can bring to bear the full array of GrayData and Gray analytical experience to help our client assess a potential deal, including: market profiles, demand estimates, competitive scans, employment estimates, and opportunities for expansion into adjacent programs and cities.

Acquisition Growth Potential

To support the valuation process, Gray uses its data to estimate program-by-program, campus-by-campus, and online growth potential for acquisition candidates given their current programs and geographic footprint. Then, we estimate potential growth into new programs and geographic markets. In combination, these estimates give buyers vital information on the long-term revenue they can reasonably expect.

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What Clients Say About Gray

President / Non-Profit Multi-Campus Institution

“That scoring program is quite impressive; it allows institutions to identify what’s important to them and dial in that scoring.”