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Campus Location Strategy 

Five years ago, the big question many schools faced was where to open the next campus.


Fortunately, in that growing market, getting the right answer was not very important. Recently, for many schools, the question had switched to which campuses to close or consolidate. Now, we are hearing more colleges and universities talking about smart growth — where to enter new geographic markets, where to add campuses in existing markets, and even acquisitions — but all in the context of making better data-driven decisions than was typical in the past.

Gray has been helping colleges and universities develop campus-location strategies for several years. Over that period, we have developed new datasets and refined our approach.

To learn more, download Gray’s Approach to Location Selection or contact us for more information.

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What Clients Say About Gray

President / Non-Profit Multi-Campus Institution

“We cannot be all things to all people at all of our locations. We must focus on the programs that are going to be the center of excellence at each of our campus locations.”