Market Analysis Program (MAP)

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Discover the best Markets for your existing and new academic programs

Gray's Market Analysis Program (MAP) helps colleges and universities make better, faster, and fact-based decisions on where to offer each of their existing and new academic programs by modality.  MAP can score and rank hundreds of markets for any combination of academic programs to

  • Identify geographic markets for entry or expansion
  • Select the best markets for new and current programs
  • Enable or enhance geo-targeting for marketing initiatives
  • Evaluate marketing performance relative to local market opportunity

For any market, MAP can generate a Market Scorecard.  This one-page summary provides colleges and universities with all of the relevant market data to compare locations using a customizable market scoring system.  Focusing on the markets that will respond well to your program offerings can: 

  • Reduce marketing cost per start
  • Grow tuition revenue by increasing marketing yield
  • Increase the odds of successful new-campus launches