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Unlock the Power of Data and Revolutionize Your Program Economics

In the ever-evolving landscape of higher education, staying ahead requires informed decision-making based on accurate data. Insight Advisor empowers you to analyze complex information faster and easier than ever before. With Insight Advisor, you can simply search for what you need in plain English, eliminating the technical barriers that often hinder data exploration.

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Insight Advisor Benefits

enjoy Fast and Easy Analysis

Quickly view and download accurate reports that make analyzing your data faster and easier. No need to be technical or wait for a data analyst to come to your rescue.

Query in Plain English

Search for what you need using plain english by typing or speaking. Then, dig deep and fine tune your results without the need for a degree in data analysis.

Get Charts and Visualizations

Choose among several different charts and visualizations to download and use in a presentation or as part of your larger economic evaluation report.

Made for you

Get empowered with a tool that anticipates what you are trying to say and works with your institution's vernacular and the terms you use for your metrics.

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Insight Advisor Gives You the Power to Interact with Your Data

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