data-informed academic program Evaluation and Management

Gray Associates provides the only complete academic Program Evaluation System (PES) for higher education.

Academic Program Evaluation Software

Decision Intelligence for data-informed program portfolios.

We provide higher education institutions with software to create and manage a sustainable program portfolio. 

Gray clients turn academic program data into actionable insights that drive transformation and keep critical resources focused on educational priorities without sacrificing time or money.


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Emerging Program

Campus Creators: How Higher Ed Can Prepare Students for the Creator Economy

Discover how higher education institutions can prepare students for the $100 billion Creator Economy. From college athletes cashing in on the recent NCAA ruling, to companies needing employees with digital and social media marketing skills, the creator economy offers an abundance of opportunities for students. Learn how colleges and universities are expanding their programs to include courses in marketing, videography, editing, and more to help students succeed in this competitive space.

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Labor Market Data

Don’t Be Duped by Misleading Labor Market Data

Don’t let misinformation misguide your academic program decisions! The prevalence of double-counted job postings, outdated data, and anomalies in labor market data are serious problems that could lead you down the wrong path. Don’t be deceived by bad data! Find out how to vet and clean your labor market data to avoid being misled.

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Enrollment in Certificate Programs is Trending Up

Good News! Certificate program enrollment is surging! Using our Program Enrollment Dashboard, we analyzed National Student Clearinghouse data to identify the top-growing certificate programs from fall 2021 to fall 2022. From welding to business analytics, find out which programs experienced the strongest demand among new students and contributed to enrollment growth at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

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Program Evaluation

Stars Are Aligning for Astrology Programs

Looking for a unique and popular program that’s perfect for students? Look no further than Astrology! With growing interest in wellness, psychology, and astronomy, this program is on the rise across all award levels. From strong completion rates to skyrocketing enrollment and trending Google searches, Astrology is a program that’s truly aligning with the stars.

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Masterclass Graphs coming out of book
Master Class

Start, Stop, or Grow: A Master Class on Academic Program Evaluation and Management

Improve your institution’s academic program portfolio with Gray’s free Master Class series led by experienced higher-education decision-makers. This four-part series covers data analysis, AI and machine learning, program evaluation, and student success integration. Stay ahead of the competition and ensure success by evaluating programs based on mission, academics, markets, and margins.

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Boost Enrollment and Prepare Your Students for a Hot Job Market

With completions trending up, enrollment on the rise, and an 87% growth rate in Google searches for marketing programs, now is the time to start or expand your institution’s Marketing program. Gray’s latest analysis shows why careers in marketing are booming and why institutions looking to grow their enrollment and improve student employment options should consider offering a bachelor’s program in Marketing.

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Academic Program Evaluation Guides

The Ultimate Guide to Data-Informed Academic Program Evaluation


Everything you need to know to evaluate and manage a successful academic program portfolio


The Ultimate Guide to Academic Curricular Efficiency

Everything you need to know to find hidden savings in your academic program costs.

About us

Who We Are

Gray helps higher-education institutions make high-stakes decisions. We provide the best available software to inform decisions on academic programs, tuition and pricing, campus locations, and other vital choices.

Our subscription software is built to evaluate academic program portfolios including student demand, employment, competition, and program economics. Beyond our software offerings, we provide strategic strategy and management resources.

Our processes enable intelligent data-informed decisions that strengthen relationships among faculty, administrators, and other stakeholders.  

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What We Offer

What We Offer

Better Software and Data

Gray uses rigorous research, proprietary databases, and advanced crosswalks to forecast customer decisions, size up the competition, and model economics. Our exclusive and complete program evaluation software provides you with more than numbers: We give you decision intelligence and deep strategic insight.

Our Proven, Customizable Process

Our approach is tailored to your circumstances. Our PES software is customized to your markets, your programs, and your mission.  Our workshops are designed to include the correct participants for your institution.  In the workshops, we enable your team to make better-informed decisions that combine the best available decision intelligence data with institutional judgment and insights.

World-Class Expertise

The level of insight our clients gain from working with us is no accident. Gray employs some very bright minds, with the experience and knowledge you would expect to find at the largest, most expensive consultancies. We have spent our careers doing serious research and focusing on improving higher education, and it shows.


We help you and your team combine your knowledge with our market data to reach informed decisions. These decisions can be fraught with complications that can be difficult to navigate. Gray Associates facilitates these tough conversations, building a consensus and sense of ownership among your stakeholders.

Gray promise

Our Brand Promise

Data-Inspired Decisions

We provide the most accurate data and researched-based strategy, so schools can have access to the latest decision intelligence and make the best academic program choices.

Industry Leading Research

Gray uses rigorous research, proprietary databases, and advanced crosswalks to provide the decision intelligence you need for complete academic program evaluation at your institution.

Higher Education Mission

Our PES software is exclusively built to serve the higher education community.

Decision Intelligence for Colleges and Universities

Gray provides institutions of higher education the program evaluation software tools and strategic guidance to make effective, efficient, and successful program management decisions.

Our Mission

Gray empowers higher education professionals to develop data-informed institutional strategies

Gray Associates, Inc. is a software firm focused on higher education. PES software helps education clients develop data-informed decisions that maximize outcomes for students, the school, and its constituencies. 

Our PES+ software helps you focus on the initiatives that will make a meaningful difference.

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