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Gray Associates provides the only academic Program Evaluation System (PES) for higher education.

Academic Program Evaluation: Data, Software, and Services

We provide higher education institutions with tools and strategies to create and manage a sustainable program portfolio.

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Who We Are

Gray helps higher-education institutions make high-stakes decisions. We provide the best available data, software, and services to inform decisions on academic programs, tuition and pricing, campus locations, and other vital choices.

Our subscription software is built to evaluate academic program portfolios including student demand, employment, competition, and program economics. Beyond our software offerings, we provide strategic research and facilitate decision making. 

Our processes enable data-informed decisions that strengthen relationships among faculty, administrators, and other stakeholders.  

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What we do

Creating academic program strategies


PES+ provides institutions of higher education with the data and tools required to enhance their program portfolios. This includes information on program markets and economics.


With PES+ you can grow enrollment, reduce costs, speed decision-making, and make data-informed program decisions throughout the entire program life cycle.


For higher-education institutions, Gray conducts sophisticated research to optimize institutional value propositions and pricing. Optimization provides substantial near-term financial benefits.


The right prices enable colleges and universities to drive enrollment growth, improve cash flow, or, more often, a blend of the two. The results of these changes can be substantial.


We provide custom solutions tailored to your specific needs. Please send your inquiry to or give us a call on 617.366.2838.


We provide custom solutions tailored to your specific needs. Please send your inquiry to or give us a call on 617.366.2838.
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What We Offer

What We Offer

Better Tools and Data

Gray uses rigorous research, proprietary databases, and advanced analytical techniques to forecast customer decisions, size up the competition, and model economics. Our exclusive data solutions and unparalleled analysis provide you with more than numbers: We give you deep strategic insight.

Our Proven, Customizable Process

Our approach is tailored to your circumstances. Our data analysis is customized to your markets, your programs, and your mission.  Our workshops are designed to include the correct participants for your institution.  In the workshops, we enable your team to make better-informed decisions that combine the best available data with institutional judgment and insights.

World-Class Expertise

The level of insight our clients gain from working with us is no accident. Gray employs some very bright minds, with experience and knowledge you would expect to find at the largest, most expensive consultancies. We have spent our careers doing serious research and focusing on improving higher education, and it shows.


We help you and your team combine your knowledge with our market data to reach informed decisions. These decisions can be fraught with complications that can be difficult to navigate. Gray Associates facilitates these tough conversations, building a consensus and sense of ownership among your stakeholders.

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experience excellence

Gray Associates, Inc. is a software and services firm focused exclusively on higher education

Gray Associates, Inc. is a software and service firm focused exclusively on higher education. 

We help higher education clients evaluate and manage their academic program portfolio to maximize outcomes for students, the school, and its constituencies.

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Artificial Intelligence

How Higher Education Institutions Are Using Creative AI

We’ve seen an explosion of AI-related courses and programs across higher education, mainly within engineering and computer science departments, but AI isn’t just for “left-brainers.” Artists, musicians, and other “right-brain” aficionados are using AI to enhance the creative process and even generate new creative works. While creative AI still has a long way to go, it’s clear that AI technology will have to be considered in the workforce and in educating students.

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Employment Trends

Q2 Job Postings Snapshot

The US Department of Labor recently announced that non-farm employment in America rose by 372,000 in June, 2022. This number far exceeded expectations, so we looked at Gray’s Job Postings data to compare.

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Employment Trends

Supply Chain Programs: Employer Demand Growth Continues

In 2020, the pandemic had ravaging effects on supply chains. In the beginning of 2022, it looked like things were turning around – that is, until April, when strains mounted again. We took a look at our Job Postings database, and the data regarding employment opportunities shows a few interesting developments. It might even raise a few questions for you.

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Use Your Margins to Support Your Mission

Money remains crucially important to not-for-profits, but in a very different way than for for-profits. For universities, it’s a means for mission attainment, whereas it is the overriding objective in business firms. One barrier to the adoption of academic resourcing models is the concern that doing so will “turn the university into a business.” The case against this proposition is very strong, but its demonstration requires considerable explanation.

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Gray promise

Our Brand Promise

Data-Inspired Decisions

We provide the most accurate data and researched-based strategy, so schools can make the best academic program decisions.

Industry Leading Research

Gray uses rigorous research, proprietary databases, and advanced analytical techniques to forecast customer decisions, size-up the competition, and model economics.

Higher Education Mission

We are part of the higher education community and feel responsible to the industry.


Gray provides institutions of higher education the analytical tools and strategic guidance to make effective, efficient, and successful program management decisions.

Customer Success Hub

Start with an Overview of your system.  These documents will give you insight into the data and processes that you will use to create successful programs.  Learn about the Program Evaluation System Plus (PES+) or Program Economics. 

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Our Mission

Help education clients develop data-informed institutional strategies

Gray Associates, Inc. is a strategy firm focused on higher education. We help education clients develop data-informed institutional and strategies that maximize outcomes for students, the school, and its constituencies. To support our client work, we have developed an industry-leading database that combines information on inquiry volumes, demographics, and competition.

Our analysis helps you focus on the initiatives that will make a meaningful difference.

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