Understanding Program Economics

Calculate Margins for Academic Programs

Gray’s PES Economics software calculates the economics of individual programs using direct variable economics so institutions can understand which programs produce margin, and how much. The model provides a detailed financial scorecard for each program and course, including revenue, direct instructional costs, contribution margin, and student and credit hour data.

The system also provides summary views for portfolio-level analysis, custom data tables to allow deep dives on specific metrics, and downloads directly to Excel.


Financial Ranking for Your Programs

PES Economics

Everything you need for optimized economic program management.

Economic and Portfolio Analysis

Key Benefits:

  1. Review revenue, instructional cost, and margin by department, program, course and section
  2. Conduct a full portfolio analysis
  3. Get clear, immediate insight with program scorecards
  4. Evaluate cost analysis tables


Key Benefits:

  1. View metrics on revenue, cost, and margins
  2. Compare results by department, program, course, and course level
  3. Evaluate aggregated totals and metrics per Student Credit Hour
  4. Adjust for Cost of Labor or Credits to Degree
  5. Create custom data tables to drill down on specific metrics or programs
  6. Download data to Excel for presentations or further analysis
PeS Reports

PES Economics

When you are ready to dive deeper for advanced economic insight, Gray offers additional tools and services to meet this need, including best-in-class predictive economic analytics.

data analysis colorful

With PES Economics Reports, you’ll receive:

  1. Reports that allow for a broader audience to utilize the PES Economics data (no user login required)
  2. Automatic delivery of rankings to your stakeholders
  3. Data at your fingertips (no programming required)

Program Management Dashboard

gray integrated dashboard

The Program Management Dashboard allows for:

  1. Integrated views of program Mission, Academic Standards, Markets, and Margins
  2. Customized inputs
  3. Quarterly check-ins to track progress and flag concerns
  4. Annual program assessments and comparisons to provide a portfolio-level view
  5. Comprehensive data readily available for program accreditors and regulators

PES Predict Margins Advanced

predicted financial results

With Gray PES Predict Margins, you can:

  1. Evaluate the effects of program decisions on your institution’s bottom line
  2. Project how growing or closing programs will affect department and program economics
  3. Predict section enrollment, teaching loads, and costs, across all departments
  4. Test scenarios to guide decision-making and reach enrollment or financial goals

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