PES Strategy

What We Offer

We help you and your team combine your knowledge with our market data to reach informed decisions. But we also understand that data alone is not always enough in a charged environment. Big decisions can be fraught with complications and can be difficult to navigate. That’s why Gray Associates facilitates these tough conversations, on campus or virtually, using a process that actually leads to consensus and a sense of ownership among all your stakeholders.

Our Proven, Customizable Process

At Gray, one size definitely does not fit all. Our approach works because we’re committed to tailoring it to your specific circumstances. We base our work with you on data that matters to you–your market, your programs, and your mission. We’ll bring the data, the tools, and the process, but the magic happens when we mix it all together with your best thinking and specialized insight.

Guided Workshops

Program Portfolio Workshop

Key Workshop Benefits:

  1. Enables data-informed decision-making
  2. Involves institutional leaders, relevant deans, faculty, and functional managers
  3. Includes large group discussion and small breakout groups
  4. Builds consensus among key stakeholders
  5. Accelerates implementation by months–or years

Curricular Efficiency Workshop

Key Workshop Benefits:

  1. Avoids cuts that reduce margins
  2. Reduces cost
  3. Builds consensus among key stakeholders 
  4. Accelerates implementation by months–or years
  5. Educates decision-makers for improved future budgeting 
PeS Strategy

Program Management Dashboard Advanced

gray integrated dashboard

The Program Management Dashboard allows for:

  1. Integrated views of program Mission, Academic Standards, Markets, and Margins
  2. Customized inputs
  3. Quarterly check-ins to track progress and flag concerns
  4. Annual program assessments and comparisons to provide a portfolio-level view
  5. Comprehensive data readily available for program accreditors and regulators

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