Academic Program Evaluation (PES)

Gray Associates provides the only academic Program Evaluation System (PES). Gray’s PES combines data, software, and facilitated workshops that enable data-informed program decisions while strengthening campus relationships. PES includes current, local data on student demand, plus jobs and skills for more than 1,500 academic programs. It provides internal dashboards on program economics, academic performance, and diversity. Gray’s PES enables collaborative, data-informed program evaluation and ongoing program management that improve enrollment and financials.



PES Markets combines public and proprietary data sources, sophisticated crosswalks, and robust business intelligence (BI) software to track market demand for academic programs and predict enrollment. Data is compiled at the census tract level so institutions can pull data for their specific geographic markets. Custom scoring capabilities let institutions assign weights to every metric so programs can be evaluated in the context of unique priorities. Users can screen hundreds of programs at a time or drill down on individual programs for in-depth analysis


PES Economics software calculates the economics of individual programs using direct variable economics so institutions can understand and predict which programs produce margin and how much. The model provides a detailed financial scorecard for each program and course, including revenue, direct instructional costs, and contribution margin, as well as student and credit hour data. The system also provides summary views for portfolio-level analysis, custom data tables to allow deep dives on specific metrics, and downloads directly to Excel.


PES Strategy workshops combine market, financial, and workload data with institutional judgment to evaluate current and new programs. Data from PES+ Markets and PES+ Economics systems is available to workshop participants, who are also encouraged to include mission, academic, and strategic priorities in their considerations. In a facilitated workshop, faculty and administrators review the course data and use their judgment to identify opportunities.


PES Management offers next-level support for leaders in higher education. It can include access to a program review process with our partners and analysts, personal support meetings, detailed compiled reps of selected programs, and educational material, courses, and certifications for advanced program portfolio management.

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