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Demand Trends Blog

From exploring the institution’s purpose to showcasing trends in online education and more, Gray’s Demand Trends blog offers timely topics you should have on your radar.

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GrayData: Expresso

The Expresso blog delivers bite-size data and insights on job markets on the rise and programs with heavily trending student demand.

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Gray’s Monthly Webinar on Student and Employer Demand Trends

Each month, Gray presents current data on student demand and employer requirement trends. We also showcase a program-of-the-month during the webinar.

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Our resource

Our Resource Promise to Our Customers

One link provides you with 24/7 access to all up-to-date training and support materials, access to customer support, and your system login.

Once a month, our Customer Success Manager will host an open Zoom webinar for two hours. Any customer can join in and ask questions, share successes, or learn about updates to Gray’s software tools.

Emergency support is available seven days a week during normal business hours.

These documents will give insight into the data, apps and processes that you will use to create successful programs.

A complete guide to using your system. Explore these 15 short videos that guide you through everything from signing into the system to understanding Gray’s extensive data crosswalks.

From understanding competition data to scoring for success, video guides take you through a deeper dive.

Tips, tricks and the latest Gray news. Learn about upgrades, events, industry trends and new learning opportunities. Published quarterly.

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Every month, Gray releases the latest student and employer demand trends in higher education.
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We present the most recent trends in the education industry supported by our Program Evaluation System.
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Information on student demand, competition, job opportunities, and other important environmental and market factors.

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Additional white papers and other Gray tools, you’ll find information on several topics here.

How can Gray help?

Gray Associates, Inc. is a software and services firm focused on higher education. We help education clients develop data-informed institutional and marketing strategies that maximize outcomes for students, the school, and its constituencies.

To support our client work, we have developed an industry-leading database that combines information on inquiry volumes, demographics, competition, and employment. Using this information and proprietary analytical techniques, we work with faculty and school leadership to develop institutional strategies, select programs, pick locations, and prepare curricula.