The Ultimate Guide to Academic Curricular Efficiency

Everything you need to know to find hidden savings in your academic program costs.

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What Drives Curricular Efficiency?

Academic leaders routinely make decisions about course offerings, course scheduling, staffing, releases, and other topics that drive curricular efficiency.  However, Deans and Chairs often lack

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How to Manage Curricular Efficiency

In an excerpt from Start, Stop, or Grow, Robert Atkins discusses curricular efficiency, which measures, manages, and improves the units of education that can be delivered for a given amount of instructional cost and quality, and the importance of the cost per student credit hour (SCH).

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Academic Program Portfolio Success

Market Data

Reviewing your markets can give you the insights to reduce cost and increase revenue.

Economic Data

Data about your economic can reveal both your student demand and market saturation.

Predictive ANALYTICS

Predictive technology can allow you to forecast program size and portfolio success.

Employment Data

Labor market data combined with demand trends can help you prepare your students for success.