WASC ARC 2018 Conference, April 25 – 27:   Bob Atkins to Speak on Program Assessment Best Practices

Gray Associates Founder and Chief Executive Officer Robert Atkins will be a presenter at the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) Academic Resource Conference (ARC), April 25 – 27 at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Burlingame, CA.  He will participate in a session on “Best Practices in the Assessment of Current and New Programs.”  His co-presenter will be Joseph Hoey, Vice Provost, National University.

Session participants will learn how to assess the fit between an institution’s programs and external markets.  Mr. Atkins will identify sources for data on student demand, employment opportunities, competition, and degree fit.  These are the four components of Gray’s Program Evaluation System, which enables institutions to select the best programs to Start, Stop, Sustain and Grow, both online and at each campus.  Gray’s data, systems and processes have been used by colleges and universities that serve over 1.0 million students nationwide.

The session takes place 9:15 – 10:15 a.m. Thursday, April 26th, in Sandpebble Room C.  It is included in the following conference tracks: Track 3 – Student Learning and Achievement; Track 4 – Telling Higher Education’s Story, and Track 5 – Higher Education’s Stakeholders: Families, Employers, Policy Makers, and the Public.  For more information about the conference visit https://2018.wascarc.org/.

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Gray Associates, Inc. is a higher education consulting firm.  We help clients develop fact-based institutional and marketing strategies to maximize outcomes for students, the school, and its constituencies.  Gray uses proprietary analytical techniques and an industry-leading database combining information on inquiry volumes, demographics, competition, and employment, to help faculty and school leadership develop institutional strategies, select programs, pick locations, and prepare curricula.

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Gray Associates, Inc. is a software and services firm focused on higher education. We help education clients develop fact-based institutional and marketing strategies that maximize outcomes for students, the school, and its constituencies.

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