The Ultimate Guide to Data-Informed Academic Program Evaluation

Everything you need to know to evaluate and manage a successful academic program portfolio

Why Do You Need a Program Evaluation System (PES)?

A sound Program Evaluation System (PES) marshals the data, software, people, and decision-making processes that enable fast, well-informed, and broadly supported program decisions. Several of the largest and most successful participants in higher education now use a Program Evaluation System (PES) to guide their program decisions.

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What Is an Academic Program Evaluation Process?

An academic program evaluation process is data-informed, transparent, collaborative, and intensive when done correctly. Having a strong analytical foundation and a clear, inclusive process for program evaluation leads to better decisions, strengthens relationships across the campus, and is consistent with the principles of shared governance.

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Academic Program Portfolio Success

Market Data

Reviewing your markets can give you the insights to reduce cost and increase revenue.

Economic Data

Data about your economic can reveal both your student demand and market saturation.

Predictive ANALYTICS

Predictive technology can allow you to forecast program size and portfolio success.

Employment Data

Labor market data combined with demand trends can help you prepare your students for success.