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Predictive Models for Academic Resourcing

University leaders are seriously planning for the post-COVID world.  This world will differ significantly from the old, familiar one.  The possibilities for restructuring academic activities are increasing dramatically as graduate employment patterns shift and faculty and students accept new modes of digitally mediated instruction.  Bob Atkins’ recent blog, “Higher Education:  Are You Ready for the Economic Boom?“ speaks to the opportunities available to institutions that are prepared to launch “different types of programs.”

But launching different types of programs brings its own disruptions and uncertainties.  Bob focused on demand and competition, but the university’s internal operations also face significant challenges.  My own recent blog, “Envisioning Alternative Course and Program Portfolios,” describes Gray’s new analytics for changing the mix of currently offered programs to boost mission relevance and margins.  This blog applies the analytics to planning for “new and different” programs.


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