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Featured:  June 2018 Webcast

For academic programs, student demand, employment opportunities, and competition are critical measures of market health.  During our webcast on June 21st at 2:00 PM ET, we will share insights from the sources we have collected to address each of these critical metrics.  

To help you understand what to expect on Thursday, June 21st, see below for a few of the trends we uncovered in May: 

  • Program Searches on Google are down 5% (see chart below).
  • The long and steep decline in student inquiry volumes may be slowing.
  • New York and Los Angeles are the most attractive markets for Psychology, the Program of the Month.

Are you interested in the viability of a specific academic program?  When registering, pick any of over 1,400 IPEDS programs.  If your program is selected, we will provide a report on your program, using real market data and our Program Evaluation System (PES).

To learn more, register for our next webcast on Thursday, June 21st at 2:00 PM ET.

Are you unable to attend the free webcast on June 21st?  You should still register – all registrants will receive a recording of the live webcast and a copy of the presentation.

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President of a Multi-Campus Institution

“Our executive team was able to drive the emotional aspect of selecting programs off to the side in order to allow the data to drive our decisions....  Most importantly, the data machine (Gray's Program Evaluation System) demonstrated to our executive team the need to draw back on our program portfolio.  We cannot be all things to all people at all of our locations.  We must focus on the programs that are going to be the center of excellence at each of our campus locations."


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