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    Program Portfolio Assessment for Higher Education

    What are the best data sources, analyses, and decision-making processes for evaluating your academic program portfolio?  Learn about these techniques by registering for Gray's 4-part webcast series on Best Practices in Program Portfolio Assessment.  During the webcasts, we will share best practices Gray developed in a decade of work and hundreds of program evaluations.  This information will help your institution:

    1. Increase enrollment and reduce cost by picking the right programs to start or grow and reducing investment in the long tail of small programs
    2. Make better overall program decisions
    3. Improve the data being used to assess the fit between programs and the markets you serve
    4. Build support for a transparent, data-driven, program evaluation process

    In the first three webcasts, we will identify the best data sources for evaluating student demand, employment, and competition in your markets.  As important, we will share the underlying issues with the available data, including weaknesses in public sources (e.g. Google, IPEDS and BLS) and challenges in paid subscription data (e.g. GrayReports, Burning Glass Technologies and CEB Talent Neuron).

    In the final webcast, we will put it all together and share a comprehensive evaluation of a specific program market.  We will also share our insights on how to run an effective program portfolio evaluation process, including:

    • An overall approach and methodology to stack rank all academic programs
    • Interpretation and weighting of specific metrics (e.g. BLS forecasts vs. job postings)
    • An efficient, facilitated process to secure buy-in from key stakeholders
    • Real-time examples of analysis of specific programs by location

    The data and methodology can be used to help select the best academic programs to Start, Stop, Sustain, or Grow at each of your campus locations and online.

    By registering, you will be enrolled in our 4-part webcast series. Each webcast will be held at 2:00 PM Eastern Time on the second Thursday of February (8th), March (8th), April (12th), and May (10th).

    Are you unable to attend or has one of the webcasts already occurred?  You should still register - all registrants will receive a recording of each live webcast as well as a copy of the presentation.

    2018 Best Practices in Program Portfolio Assessment